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The Facts Behind Our Healthcare Crisis:

The reality for healthcare in Alberta is concerning. The availability of the essential services family doctors provide is in jeopardy. There is an urgent need to invest in these vital clinics and ensure continued access to healthcare for Albertans.

There is a looming crisis in our healthcare system. With a third of the province's primary care physicians considering stepping away from their practices sooner than expected, Alberta faces the potential for a significant gap in patient care and access to medical services.

Family doctor practices are hanging on by a thread. In Alberta, a striking 90% of family doctors are worried about the financial health of their practices. There is a critical challenge in our province's healthcare system and risks to the accessibility and quality of primary care for Albertans.

There is a real threat to healthcare accessibility, leading to longer wait times and reduced access for patients. It's a clear sign that steps need to be taken to support family doctors and primary care, ensuring that Albertans continue to receive the timely and effective healthcare they rely on.

Albertans need more family and rural generalist physicians providing comprehensive care from a patient’s birth to end of life.

We need your help to help MLAs understand what is happening in the communities where their voters live. That starts with asking your MLA to be aware of issues that matter, such as the lack of family and rural generalist physicians. This issue is fundamental to a sustainable health care system, and we need your help to make it to the forefront of Budget 2024.

As you know, the Strike Team (including the Section of Family Medicine, Section of Rural Medicine and the PCN Physician Leads Executive) has developed proposals, drawing on input from physicians and working together with one united voice, to help ensure that any proposals and materials developed will benefit all aspects of family medicine and rural generalist practice. What has been submitted to government can also help make Alberta once again a place where doctors, resident physicians and medical students are eager to come.
The Minister of Health has provided an initial investment of $100 million in each of 2024 and 2025. This is Step One and a down payment, but we know much more is needed in Budget 2024. We are working to make sure the province follows through.

Step Two is to transition with payments to physicians in 2024 so they can afford to remain in comprehensive care until the new payment model is established.

Step Three is to implement the Physician Comprehensive Care Model as quickly as possible – an option away from fee-for-service that recognizes the special demands of comprehensive, cradle-to-grave care.

We need your help.

Join in our efforts toward a better Alberta. Together we can guarantee an investment in the prosperity and health of our province.

For more information, check out the Alberta Medical Association atalbertadoctors.org

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There is a healthcare crisis in Alberta and we need your help to make sure family doctors and primary care receive the necessary support and investment to keep putting PatientsFirst!