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For Alberta doctors, you and your family's health is our number one priority. And we're concerned. The pandemic has caused a massive care deficit due to COVID cancellations, delay and the resulting backlog. As the already strained system tries to respond, many Albertans are still waiting for the care they need, and many are experiencing more advanced stages of illness. That's why we need your help.

Fill out our 2-minute survey and share your health care story with us. Tell us what type of care you're waiting for and how long you've been waiting so we can better advocate for you.  

Together, we can better understand how the care deficit is affecting Albertans. This information will help us to recover and ensure all Albertans get the treatment and care they need!

Thank you for your ongoing support of Alberta's doctors.

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Fill out our short survey on the ongoing health care delays in Alberta. With your help, we can work toward ensuring you get the care you need when you need it. Your information will be kept private, and data is only used in aggregate to help inform our advocacy efforts. Your name will not be associated with any information you decide to share with us. All reporting is anonymous.

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The Alberta Medical Association needs data to measure the health care deficit and report to the public and our system partners, to help address this urgent issue.