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For Alberta doctors, the health of you and your family is our number one priority.  Alberta is known around the world for timely access to quality, affordable healthcare. Due to recent decisions made by the Government of Alberta, that reputation could be at risk.  

In an unprecedented move, the Government of Alberta has torn up its contract with doctors – putting the care and treatment of hundreds of thousands of individuals at risk. In doing so, the government has removed a charter right to arbitration that all other essential service providers in Alberta enjoy. This is a direct threat to the public health care system and the quality of patient care.   

AMA agreements allow physicians and government to work together to build a better health care system. Physicians want to be partners and contribute their expertise to decision making. We will continue to fight to protect Alberta’s patients, but we need your help. It’s time to take a stand – tell the UCP government to get back to the bargaining table and negotiate an agreement that ensures Albertans receive the quality healthcare that they deserve. If disputes need to be resolved, then use third-party arbitration to keep discussions from breaking down.  

What does this mean?  

  • This is a direct threat to Alberta’s public health care system. 

  • We are losing the opportunity for physician and government collaboration around improving patient care – something which has occurred with all previous governments. 

  • There is an unprecedented level of insecurity for Alberta’s physician community. 

  • We face potential doctor shortages due to doctors leaving Alberta for greener pastures or new graduates choosing not to come here. 

The Government of Alberta NEVER intended to negotiate.  

  • It is clear the UCP government wasn’t serious about a negotiated settlement – because they ripped up the contract before negotiations had concluded and five weeks before the contract expired. 
  • The AMA came to the table with multiple proposals that would have saved hundreds of millions of dollars – and provided practical, innovative solutions for long term efficiency – but the government was not interested in negotiating. 


No more Alberta Advantage when it comes to attracting physicians. 

  • The government has imposed crippling funding changes in a careless manner – some of which have been reinstated due to pushback from the public. Now that the government has torn up the doctors' contract, what's left is causing confusion and uncertainty for physicians and their practices.
  • Attracting and keeping physicians will be harder. What physician, resident physician or medical student would rush to a province where the government treats physicians this way?

  • Doctors are, at the end of the day, also small business owners. These changes have the potential to force them to scale back their practices – with many uncertain about their ability to afford overhead costs. 

Alberta’s doctors need a contract

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